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Monument and Marker Cleaning:
Over time, outdoor elements can leave a granite or marble memorial dirty and prone to moss and lichen growth. Contact us to have your memorial cleaned.

Cemetery Foundations:
A good concrete foundation is key in preventing tilting or leaning of monuments which can occur with the freezing and thawing conditions in this area of the country. Whenever cemetery regulations allow, we will complete the foundation for your memorial.

Cemetery Lettering:

When a final date needs to be engraved on a memorial already installed in a cemetery, please contact us.

Memorial Installation:

When cemetery regulations permit, we will provide the installation of your memorial or monument at the cemetery. In the event that a pre-installed memorial needs to be relocated, we also provide this service.

Laser Etching:

Laser etching is an excellent way to capture the memory of yourself or a loved one. We are able to take any high-quality photograph (or an idea if you don't have a photograph), and turn it into a beautiful memorial. Bring your photo in, e-mail it to us, or pick a photo from our etching book and we will be able to assist you in creating a beautifully laser etched memorial.

Miscellaneous Sandblasting:

We offer sandblasting services on non-memorial related items as well. Contact us with any questions.