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Traditional hand-crafted monuments can be sandblasted or hand-carved with different style lettering and designs/symbols on cuts, shapes, finishes, colors, and textures of granite to create the ideal monument. Styles/shapes include upright headstones, flat/lawn/level markers, slants, bevels and ledgers/grave covers. Photographs or bronze plaques can be added.

Laser etching headstones and plaques: Hand etched designs can be created on virtually any color granite and on any shape memorial. With endless possibilities, etchings allow you to create your own images and inscriptions for enduring beauty. You may use standard ideas available or a photograph of your choice, collectible or other images that will preserve the memory of your loved one on your family memorial.

Flat Grass Marker: Flat Grass Markers lie flush with the ground and usually measures 4" thick. The surface area is naturally smaller on a flat marker, therefore there is less space available for designs and inscriptions. While this type of marker can be made of granite or bronze; granite allows for more personalization of the design at a lower cost. Some cemeteries require cement around the granite.

Bevel: Bevel markers are also slanted but they sit lower than a slant marker. They come single or double in size and can be personalized with stock or custom designs, inscriptions and symbols. Standard heights for a bevel marker are 6" or 8" high.

Slants: Slants are midway in height between the lower bevel markers and upright monuments. This monument type has a front and backside that can be inscribed, allowing for more expansive designs than a bevel or flat marker. There are many variations of this memorial available. For example, the top can be cut straight across, rounded or in the serpentine shape shown. This type of memorial may be used to mark a single grave or two graves as shown.

Upright Monument: These traditional memorials come in a wide variety of standard or custom styles, shapes and sizes. The larger surface can accommodate a full range of traditional and personalized designs. This type of monument can be used to mark a single grave or as a family monument for multiple graves. We have many styles and designs for you to choose from or we can create one especially for your individual needs. This type allows the most personalization and can truly be a work of art.